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The webmasters group of Rahm & Bruce
Serving Snohomish County, WA., Orange County N.Y. and Hollywood CA. designing and creating websites internationally.


Jim Rahm

360 568-3590


John Bruce

360 863-3838

About Us:

Jim Rahm and John Bruce formed “The webmasters group of Rahm & Bruce” in 2003-2004 after they had expanded our expertise by teaching new webmaster to build websites. Jim & John decided to help senior citizens learn to use their personal computers with one on one instruction, to repair computer or software problems for senior citizens at no cost to them. Both Jim and John being retired decided to build pro bono websites for not for profit organizations who could not afford to pay the prices involved in website ownership.

About Jim: Jim has worked with computers since 1987; after retiring from three different professions in 1995 Aviation, 1986 Law Enforcement, and 1993 Real-estate he build his Family website. To date Jim has built and or designed over 100 websites internationally and has maintained many more.  

About John: John has worked in the computer industry for over forty years mainly in applications design and programming for mainframe systems. John started building websites in 2003 after meeting Jim. Jim asked John to help out with building and designing when he found the workload too large for one person. John now has built, designed and maintains many websites internationally.

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